Potentially New (Natural) Treatment for Indomethacin-Responsive Headache Disorders

I was at the American Headache Society’s Fall meeting in Scottsdale, Az a few weeks ago. An old colleagues from Mayo Clinic approached me.  He told me how excited he was to be involved with a research project with a totally natural herb for treating indomethacin headache disorders.  He gave me a sample bottle. I was a bit skeptical.

I did carefully select a patient who was doing well on indomethacin, but was having some of the stomach pain side effects from it, plus she always favors “natural” treatments.  I gave her the bottle with directions. She came back on Thursday having had the same good response as she had with indomethacin.  Now that is exciting.  If you have an indomethacin-responsive headache disorder and you want to try this natural treatment, make an appointment so we can discuss it.

What are indomethacin-responsive headache disorders?  As the name implies, it is those headache disorders that go away when you are taking indomethacin (Indocin).  This is a unique anti-inflammatory medication that has been on the market for years to treat forms of arthritis.  The headaches that typically respond to indomethacin are CPH (that’s what this patient mentioned above had) and Hemicrania Continua.  Rarely does cluster headache respond to indomethacin but if it did, this supplement might work.