News from the World of Headache

It has been a very busy time here since we got back, so I haven’t had time to write here. I do read the research articles (quickly I may add, at least this week).  I don’t have time right now to write in more detail but to say two things stuck out to me.

The first was a study that combined low-does Depakote and low-dose Topamax for migraine prevention. The result was a higher satisfaction with the patient because they had the good benefit of preventing their headaches but with less of the side effects, which are unique to each of those drugs at a higher dose.

The second study was another one looking at acupuncture. In this study real (done by a professionally trained acupuncturists) and “sham” acupuncture (real needles but stuck in by someone with no training) both had pretty good results in preventing migraines.  It could mean that acupuncture is effective enough that even a novice practitioner can get results (and you don’t have to put the needles in a precise location).