54th Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society

This week I will be attending this meeting for four days and will be out of the office. I think this is about the 15th annual scientific meeting I’ve attended. It is the premier meeting for headache research in the entire world. Between the floor talks and poster presentations there will be about two hundred headache studies presented. When I get back next week I would like to do an update from what I learned.

Sometimes I wish I could bring patients along to these meetings. Out in the “field,” meaning my office, patients get the notion that there isn’t a lot being done to learn about headaches and how to treat them. But when you come to these meetings you meet brilliant people from around the world who are working tirelessly to find the cause of headaches and the cures. I only wish that things could move faster. But headache disorder are incredible complex. To get just a taste of what is coming up at the meeting, you can download the main schedule here.  Another great source for watching the research is the public page of the Headache Journal. You can find that here.