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The Real Cure for Migraine

Many claims are made for curing migraine.  All of course are false.  However, migraine is a very treatable disease and, unlike most chronic illnesses, can cure itself and just get better or go away.

But some day there will be a cure.  In those days they will look back on headache sufferers of today and just be amazed about how they were able to cope, just in the same way we look back on an era when polio and TB was rampant (I lost my entire father’s side due to TB in the 1930s).

So, what will a migraine cure look like?  We know for a fact that most people who have a tendency towards migraine have genetic errors in their natural brain alarm system, so it goes off for little or no reason.  The real way to cure this is by replacing the defective genes with good ones.

Linked here is a story about the very first success with this type of gene therapy.  I say “this type” because this study is about epilepsy, however, the gene flaws that lead to epilepsy are very similar to those we believe are responsible for migraine.  Specifically they are genes that control the flow of calcium into the interior of the brain neurons.  So as you read this, imagine the huge ramifications down the road of not only fixing epilepsy (the genetic forms) but many other brain disorders caused by gene errors . . . yes and including migraine.  Follow the link to the story here.


Posted by on November 13, 2012.

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