Office Closed from Feb 11 – 15

Please be aware that our office will be closed during the dates listed above. Because we are a small office, with just two full time staff, it makes the most sense that we are both gone at the same time.  Therefore our phones will be unattended during this time and no one will be in the office. You calls are very important to us and please leave a message. With our typical absences, please  understand that when we return we will have a full schedule of patients plus over 60 messages waiting for us. We will get to your message as fast as we can but it can take days to get through all of those.

As I’ve said before, if you think you are having a side effect to a medication, simply stop it and wait to discuss it when we are back.  The only exception is if you are taking a seizure medication and you have a history of seizures. Then, if you stopped your seizure medication it could provoke a seizure. But if you have never had a seizure then you don’t need to worry about stopping it.

If you are on a high dose of beta blocker, 80 MG or high of nadolol or more than 160 MG of propranolol, you could have palipitations if you stopped it quickly. So try going down by half for 2 days, then stopping it.

Remember with medication questions, the pharmacist is a great resource for those question. Your own primary care provider is another great resource.

If you feel that this is an emergency and you have to talk to us, our phone system should give you instructions for how being connected to my cell phone.  Please bear in mind that I get to see my ailing 91 year old mother just once a year and I will be with her. If my time is spent on the phone talking to patients about non-emergency problems, billing questions, rescheduling questions and etc. it takes away from my precious time with her. So I ask that all non-emergency questions wait until we are back.

Mike Jones