What Kind of Headache Do You Have?

I often have patients reading things on line and making a self-diagnoses.  The web and other sources of hearsay (what aunt Mildred thought) are notorious for not being very reliable.  For example, there is no-longer such a thing as “tension headaches” or “sinus headache.”

There is a very reliable source for defining your headaches. The International Headache Society is the main world-wide arm for headache research. One of the tasks they have taken on is defining headache types very clearly so that research around the world is all on the same page.

I will give a link to their catalog  ( or classification) of headache types and how those are diagnosed.  I have to admit, this is not an easy catalog to read for the layperson and they might use abbreviations that you are not familiar with. But I think there is good content there that can steer you the right direction.