Treating Migraine in Breast-Feeding Women

Migraine is a disorder that is most common in women during their reproductive years. This does create many dilemmas for the patients and us who are treating them. Many medications (and other treatments) are not safe during pregnancy and if there is a potential of pregnancy, we need to treat the patient as if they are pregnant. The good news is that pregnancy itself seems to treat the headaches, as nature’s way of helping expecting moms.

But then comes the time after the birth of the baby when headaches come roaring back. Nursing is a great thing an many mothers want to nurse their baby. But this has been a place of the great unknowns when it comes to how to threat those patients.

For the first time the American Headache Society’s research journal “Headache” has addressed this question head-on in a comprehensive article.

Because the article is copyrighted, I can’t post it here. I can give you a link where you can read the abstract and you can actually purchase the entire article from the journal. This is great news.