International Headache Congress

Next week I will have the privilege of attending the International Headache Congress.  This is the biggest headache research meeting in the world and occurs about once every four years. This will be the forth one I’ve attended, while I do attend the Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society each year.  I’ve been invited to present research data about our unique headache clinic, the first of its kind.

I wish that all migraine sufferers could see this world of headache research. At these meetings we sit at the feet of brilliant scientists and clinicians from every continent to discuss the latest findings in headache research and treatment.  Much of the science is still in its infancy, dealing with the complex and fundamental biology of headache syndromes.  While this doesn’t yield immediate and practical treatments it does lay the ground work for promising treatments or even cures in years to come.

On the more practical end, there will be several hundred studies on headache treatment approaches, what worked and what didn’t work.

One of many topics that will be addressed head on this year is the role of surgery in migraine treatment.  There is a growing interest among headache sufferers in this idea.  There is great promise by the plastic surgeons that do these procedures, however, there is real concern that this is only a fad, a fad that can generate revenues but not cure or help headache sufferers.  I hope that the data makes this much more clear, one way or the other, after this meeting.

After the meeting I will be back to share what is new.  We will keep our fingers crossed that some breakthroughs are coming for those nice patients, who have failed everything.

Mike Jones