PRHC is undergoing some major growth.  I have mentioned before that we are upgrading our entire electronic medical management environment.  What this will mean for patients is that we will not have to type while you talk (maybe a few mouse clicks), that our scheduling will be clearer and prescription handling will be better. Our communication will be better both with our patients and the referring providers.  We apologize for our electronic inadequacies in the past.

I’ve heard many patients vent their, rightful, frustration of trying to reach us by phone and our lines are busy.  I am sorry about that as well.  For over two years, there were just two of us in the office. I was constantly seeing patients all day long and Kaaren was literally on the phone 90% of the time.  With our phones ringing constantly at times, it was often hard for people to get through.

We now have Brittany to help manage phone calls and scheduling (plus many other things) so that is improving already.  We also plan on hiring two more staff members in the near future and expanding our office to include additional space across the hall.

In April we will be adding a medical provider who specializes in mental health issues.  She will be a great asset to our practice.  She is well-respected in the community and her patients adore her.  The second addition to our team will be another medical assistant who can help with patient flow as well as be an additional ear for phone messages.

In phase two of our expansion, we hope to add an infusion center. Infusions are vital for patients who are in crisis.  Presently, we use home health services, which can take time to set up and can be expensive.  By adding our own infusion center, can care directly for our own patients.