A More Detailed Report about the CGRP Antagonist and Migraine

I recently posted about this under the “Migraine Vaccine” title.  The article below goes into a bit more detail.

If you read these studies carefully, you will see that the treatment group was only about 10-15% better than the placebo group.  Placebos (fake treatments) score very high in headache treatment so to pass that bar is significant.  I think the important thing in these studies is that this is the first preventative treatment that was designed from the ground up to treat migraine, based on what we now know is the true cause.  This is the first of many steps.  The next important part is that these treatments had very little side effects or risks as compared to present treatments.  I will also mention that the writer of the article seemed to miss one point about the study.  He assumed it worked by stopping the dilation of blood vessels.  We have known for twenty years that the dilation of blood vessels is no the cause of the terrible pain of migraine.  It works by stopping the release of an inflammatory peptide from the endings of nerves out in the pain sensitive areas of the head.

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