Update on the Migraine “Vaccine”

I spoke about this a year ago, but now that the first results of the studies are being revealed, it is time to update the story.

First of all, it is not a real vaccine, but that is a over-simplified way to explain it. It uses natural antibodies to block one of the most potent chemicals that the body uses to provoke migraine pain (Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide).  There are two studies underway, one as a migraine abortive and the other is a shot every two weeks, like a vaccine, that prevents headaches from coming.  I will post the most recent results below.

Someday a cure for headaches will come.  It will, mostly likely, be in the form of gene therapy.  The root of the problem of most headache types is not allergies, stress or structural problems but a genetic tendency for the natural headache alarm system to go off for no good reason. We know what some of these genes are. So to really cure the disorder, you must fix the broken genes.

In the meantime, treatments such as this “vaccine” are going to get better and better.  We have been living in the Dark Ages for headache research and treatments simply because  headache disorders are the most discriminated medical problem in the world. But the tide is changing.

Here is the updated story from CNN: