Road Construction

This week the city of Anacortes is re-paving R Ave., which runs in front of our building. Yes, we are open and our road is open.  I talked to the construction crew this morning and they say that they would let you through. You may have to doge paving machines. But they said to go around the road blocks and tell them you have an appointment at the Cannery Building and they will show you how to get around the mess.

I’m sorry about the inconvenience. Please give your self time so you will not be late, because the patient after you might be on a tight schedule.

I will mention briefly that we will be closed from Friday (June 20th) until Monday (June 23rd).  I had blocked out these dates to attend the American Headache Society’s Scientific Meeting.  However, there has been a medical emergency in my family and I must go to Tennessee to take care of my mother’s situation. It will be hard to reach us next week so we advise that you plan ahead.