We Are Overwhelmed . . . Please be Patient

We have been overwhelmed with demand for patient appointments over the past few weeks.  The reason for this has been the combination of several factors.  For one, the word is getting out among headache sufferers that we do offer good care in a compassionate environment.  The other reason is that metro Seattle went from having five headache clinics a few years ago, down to one.  One of the old ones, at Swedish, may be coming back.  However, the provider who had a headache clinic in Everett may be the one who is re-opening the clinic at Swedish and now Everett area will no longer be served.

Additionally the week of November 17-21 we will be closed as all of us will be attending an important headache research and training in Phoenix.  If you need to make an appointment, please leave a message and we will get back with you as soon as possible.  If you have not heard from us by the 28th, please call again.

If you have questions about your care and want to make changes, it will be very difficult to reach us during this time and making clinic decisions over the phone, from a distance and with limited access to the patient’s medical records is not the best situation. So we are asking that during that week that you do not try to reach us unless it is an emergency.  We regret that inconvenience, however, if we don’t go for annual training in headache care, we cannot continue to offer the cutting edge in headache treatments.

When we return from that week of being closed, and if history repeats itself, we will have about eighty patient phone calls waiting for us.  We will also have a completely booked schedule so it will take days to get to all the phone calls.  We will take them in the order of urgency and first come, first serve.  We care deeply about each of our patients and we are working as hard as we can to address each phone call.

We would love to have more help. We are recruiting for another headache specialist, but to find a headache specialist who shares our values of giving the highest quality care in the most compassionate environment AND who is willing to move to our area, is very difficult. We hope to have another medical assistant to join use soon. This will increase our capacity of meeting the demand.