We Will No Longer Be Accepting New Molina Insurance Patients

It is always a difficult decision to turn away any person who suffers from a headache disorder.  We have come to an impasse with Molina insurance. Our mission is to provide the best possible care to the most patients with the greatest compassion. Molina has adopted an aggressive program of denying all but the most simple treatments for headaches. They do have a very labor-intensive “prior-authorization”  requirement, however, even after we follow their protocol, they still reject the treatments that the patient needs.  We never see simple patients. Therefore, when we see a Molina patient, our hands quickly become tied and we are left with nothing to offer.

We are facing an overwhelming demand for our services at this time. Rather than giving time to a Molina patient, whom we care about but cannot help due to their insurance restrictions, it is better to give that time to patients that we can help.