Why Headache Treatment is Behind Other Disorders

I often talk to patients about the societal discrimination against headache sufferers.  It is unfair and we must change that. There is much to talk about the why, but for now I wanted to share a quote from the American Migraine Foundation web page to illustrate the problem.

Current State of Funding in Migraine

Migraine research receives very little funding. This is true when considering the total amount of funding and funding adjusted for migraine prevalence, disability caused by migraine and the societal costs from migraine. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the major source of governmental research funding in the United States. The NIH allocates only 0.012% of its research budget to headache research.

In 2013 the NIH granted only $19 million for migraine research. Diabetes received $1,007 million in 2013. Asthma received $207 million in 2013.

The amount of funding that the NIH spent on migraine research in 2007 is equal to only $0.36 per person with migraine. Diabetes received $49.38 per person with diabetes. Asthma received $12.25 per person with asthma.