American Migraine Foundation

Below is a statement from the American Migraine Foundation.  It is a grassroots migraine sufferer advocacy group.  It is time that headache sufferers come together to demand the better care that they deserve. This organization is fighting for better research and funding.  There are ways that you, as a patient, can make an impact.  To learn how you can be involved go here.

  • Migraine is not regarded as a significant health problem, despite its costs to society
  • Migraine research is woefully underfunded: the NIH allocates only $20 million a year or about 55 cents per person
  • Migraine science is not especially attractive to the research community
  • Migraine patients tend to be quiet, invisible and not “storming the gates” for more public attention
  • Physicians get little training in migraine medicine and science
  • We haven’t made much progress in finding effective treatment: only one new class of drugs has been developed for migraine in the past 30 years