International Headache Congress, Valencia, Spain

I just returned from this meeting, which is held every two years, where the top headache researchers in the world assemble and discuss their work. I’m not sure how many were in attendance, but I guess it was over two hundred.

I will be back in a few days, when I get my head above water, to talk about the specifics. In general I wish that all headache patients were aware of the great work that very smart men and women are doing in research that is, and will, bear much fruit.  It often shocks me when I try to explain to a patient what we know and are learning about headaches and then they say that they disagree because they heard a different explanation from a friend, a relative, Dr. Oz, somenone’s blog or another provider who has never sat in on one headache lecture in their  entire life. Often these people have never ever, read a headache research article and certainly who has never gone to a research meeting, a meeting that Dr. Moren and I feel that we have to attend every year just to keep up to date. Yet they make bold and simplistic statements about what causes headaches and how to treat them.  We really need to respect the hard work that these really smart people are doing on behalf of patients who are suffering.

There are exciting things coming and I will discuss those more as soon as I get the chance.