We Will Be Closed May 11 – 14

The Pacific Rim Headache Center will be closed for seeing patients from May 9th until May 14th.  Dr. Moren will be seeing patients in Bellingham on May 15. We are sorry about any inconvenience that this may cause our patients.  I will not be in the office as I will be participating in the International Headache Congress in Spain.  It is important that Dr. Moren and I attend the leading headache research meetings in the world to offer our patients the cutting edge in diagnosis and treatment.

Ketziah will be in the office to help schedule, re-schedule or answer basic, non-medical questions during this time.  Because I will be travelling overseas, it will be very difficult for me to take calls as I will have limited access to medical records.  For a true emergency Dr. Moren may be able to address the problem and you could call the office to see if that is possible.

The general advice that we give patients is; 1) If you are having a severe headache that is not responding to treatment, go to urgent care, ER or see you PCP.  If you think you are having a side effect to a medication talk to your pharmacist.  Virtually all of our medications can be stopped abruptly if you are having side effects. The only exception is, if you have a history of having seizures, and you are taking a seizure medication, stopping it quickly could provoke a seizure.

We try to always give enough medications to last from one appointment to the next. About 95% of the time that someone runs out of a medication, it is due to them not keeping their planned follow up appointment.  If you have run out of your medication because you did not come back when we asked you to, there is nothing we can do but to schedule you for the first opening.

Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience, however, if we do not go to these meetings we would not be offering our patients the best care in the world as we do.

  1. Michael Jones, MPAS-C