News from the Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society

Having Bad Headaches Negatively Influences Parenting.  This should be a no-brainer, but research now supports this. See the study here. This does not mean that you are a bad parent. A bad parent is a parent who does a bad job through neglect or intention.  A headache sufferer often has no choice in the matter. However, this information should make headache treatment and research even a greater priority.

Headache Treatment for Kids is Terrible, Especially in Large Cities. In this very large study (over 94,000 cases) only 16.1% of children with migraine got appropriate care. Over 46% received no care at all.  It is the perfect storm as headache disorders are grossly overlooked in our society and children specifically with chronic illness are overlooked even more because they cannot be their own advocate.  For more of the research read here.

CGRP Humanized Antibodies is a Game Changer. I’ve talked about this many times but five studies are going foward with this “migraine vaccine” approach that continues to look very promising for migraine prevention.