Update in Migraine Research from Valencia, Spain and Washington D.C.

This year I attended the International Headache Congress in Valencia, Spain. This is where the greatest minds in headache research in the world come together every two years to discuss their findings.  I have shared a few thoughts from that meeting here on our website.

Dr. Moren just returned from the American Headache Society’s Scientific Meeting in Washington, D.C. . The professional publication Neurology Reviews¬†did a video interview regarding one of the highlights from those two meetings.

The interview below is the latest about the new treatment (which is coming) for both chronic and episodic migraine, which uses anti bodies to block some of the chemicals that provoke the pain of migraine. I call this the “migraine vaccine,” while not a true vaccine, I think the lay person can understand that term better.



J. Michael Jones, MPAS-C