Curbside Consult–Free Beta Testing



Headache sufferers have fewer resources than sufferers of any other medical disorder. We hope that this is changing. In our state alone, there is one true headache specialists per 2.2 million residents.  Many countries in the world don’t have a single headache specialist.  There are only a handful in the whole continent of Africa. The level of diagnostic precision and comprehensive treatment with a headache specialist is far above what a patient can get from non-headache specialists. Once again I will point out that being a neurologist, even a great neurologist, does not make you a headache specialist by default. Being a pain specialist doesn’t make you a headache specialist.

We are trying to find a way to bring our years of experience and training to patients who do not have access.  This could be on a global scale. One idea is a virtual “Curbside Headache/Face Pain Consult.”  Cleveland Clinic has found this approach very useful in all their specialties through what they call, the virtual “Second Opinion.”

I have been working months on this project and I am ready to beta test it now.  Eventually a tab will be on our home web page that takes the viewer to the Curbside Consult page. On that page the details will be explained. The tool that I have been working on is a logic-driven program for collecting the precise data that we need to make a clear diagnosis and a careful treatment plan. The tool only collects the data, we still personally review the data and make a well-thoughtout diagnosis and create a specific treatment plan for that patient. No two treatment plans will be identical because each patient is unique. The client will receive a packet with their diagnosis, rationale for the diagnosis, supporting articles if needed, and a well-thought out plan of action for getting better.

By completing this medical history survey you will not become our patient. While 95% of the diagnosis is based on history, still 5% is based on the face to face physical exam. Because obviously we cannot do the physical exam through this virtual tool so we can’t be held responsible for missing things in the same way we are held responsible for our patients we see in our office.

This Curbside Consult will eventually cost money to cover our cost. When a patient pays for this service, they are welcome to come and see us in person for the implementation of this plan and, like Cleveland Clinic, will apply much of the payment for the Curbside Consult to their deductible and other out-of-pocket expenses. We will guarantee our diagnosis,  meaning if the headache sufferer ever sees another real headache specialist, and that specialist significantly disagrees with our diagnosis, we will refund their money.  We are that confident that we can get this right.

While I have worked on this tool for two months, it is very complex and still may have errors in it.  We are, for a very limited time, offering this service for free to beta testers.  We do want real sufferers to complete the survey, but not our established patients.  We will carefully go over it and make an accurate diagnosis.  The survey taker will receive a free packet from us with their diagnosis and treatment plan.  This plan, if it includes tests and prescriptions, must be implemented through a licensed medical provider.  We cannot implement these recommendations if we have never seen you in our clinic.  The benefit for us is that you will report any errors (from grammar to buttons that don’t work right or other areas of improvement).  There is a place to comment about improvements at the end of the survery.  We will accept about five free users before we withdraw this free, beta testing opportunity. To be taken to the survey, clinic on the link at the bottom of this page.


Michael Jones, MPAS-C