News From Research–The Best Headache Diets and Supplements

I had a 90 minute no-show patient today and gave me a moment to catch my breath and to read up on world headache research, which I may had missed earlier.

I know that here, in the Pacific Northwest, there is a great interest in non-drug treatments of headaches, including supplements and diets.We always want to try those first. I came across an excellent article (click here) that was published in February of this year in the journal of the International Headache Society called, Cephalalgia. This article is about the best summary that I have ever seen on the topic.

I will advise you, if you are not use to looking at research articles, that the results must be measured by the quality of the study. The studies marked, “RCT” (for randomized controlled trial) is most reliable of these studies and if the study is double blinded (neither the patient or the researcher knows who is on the placebo), that is the gold standard.

There are many claims made about magic cures from supplements, oils, diets, water filters and etc. However, this article is the most factual and unbiased resource I think anyone could find.

J. Michael Jones, MPAS-C