Please Be Patient as Our Phones / Internet has Been Spotty

Due to high winds yesterday we had spotty power outages. Due to the complexities of the electronic world this has caused disruptions in our phone / fax and at times our Internet services.  We regret this and the frustration it causes all of us.

Even on a good day, we have an avalanche of phone calls. Yes, we know we are understaffed.  However, we live in the reality where reimbursement is so horrible for headache clinics that we recently had to lay off staff because we had no money to pay them.  This is the reality that we all must live with until the health care system is fixed.  We work very hard at Pacific Rim Headache Center.  It is not  humanly possible for 2 people to take care of 12 complex headache patients in the office and simultaneously respond to 30 + phone calls each morning.  Please leave messages and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Please don’t call unless you really need to. Medical management is ALWAYS done best in person, so if things are not going well, please make an appointment. Lastly, while we understand your frustration trying to get through at times, we are doing our very best to help you. Please do not direct your anger towards my staff.  Treat them with the same respect that we try to treat all of our patients. If you are abusive to my staff and they quit, then no one will be here to answer your calls.

I am sure the large  healthcare factories have the resources to have large phone answering centers. Maybe some patients like those systems better. However, there, no one knows your name and your appointments are for 5 minutes with a one-size-fits all approach.  But if you want personalized care from people who really know you, who spend time with you and are deeply concerned about you, you may have to adjust to the inconveniences of our lack of material and human resources.