Our Merger and What this Means for You

I have described previously that we must merge with Cascade Neurologic in Mount Vernon for the sake of financial survival. As of December 31st, the Anacortes office and the Bellingham offices of Pacific Rim Headache Center will be closed.  I personally will be unreachable and lost in the developing world until Feb 9th.  The original plan was that Dr. Moren would increase his hours and cover for my patients.

With everyone worrying about being sued, nothing is simple in America anymore.  Health insurance companies don’t accept the state licensure of medical providers. Each insurance company has to “license” the provider through their own channels through a process called credentialing.  Even if a medical provider has already gone through this long and expensive process but changes their address, they have to go through the whole thing again.  Because of the process, Dr. Moren will not be allowed by any of the insurance companies to provide care to patients until February, we hope.  He will be available as soon as this process is done.

Therefore there will be about a 5 week gap that we will be virtually unavailable to our patients and we regret that.  If you are having problems, I strongly recommend that you see your primary care provider and / or schedule to see us at our now location by calling (360) 424-8951, as soon as you can.

I hope that everyone is doing well and will not need help during that time, but just in case I wanted you to know.  We have always been here for you and will continue to be here for you but this situation is unavoidable.

Mike Jones