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Pacific Rim Headache Center will be Merging with Cascade Neurologic–Mount Vernon–The Anacortes Office Must Close

Today it became final that Pacific Rim Headache Center will merge with Cascade Neurologic in Mount Vernon. This merger will begin on January 1st 2016. It may take several weeks to complete.

This means that our beautiful Anacortes office must close.  Negotiations are still in process to save the Bellingham office and that may not be clear for several weeks.

If you have an appointment at either our Anacortes office or the Bellingham office after December, you will be notified that you appointment will (or may in the case of Bellingham) occur in Mount Vernon. The map to the Cascade Neurologic Clinic appears on our web page.


It was a dream of ours to create a clinic around the needs of headache sufferers.  We worked extremely hard to make this happen. In the post-Affordable Care Act-world, it has become impossible for small headache practices to exist because of the way that insurance companies view headache disorders and their high motivation to cut costs wherever they can.

Dr. Moren and I are dedicated to continuing to provide the same excellent service as we always have, except that it will be at a different location.

There will certainly be some technical hiccups along the way with the transition and I regret that.  However, Cascade Neurologic is a separate business than Pacific Rim Headache Center was, so visits with us going forward will be connected to their insurance contracts.  There may be some insurances that we contracted with and they don’t and vice-versa.  They may have different office policies that we must all abide by.

I have very strong mixed feelings.  It was my dream to create a special place for headache sufferers, a place of grace and tranquility and where they felt like they were the most important patient in the practice.  It was my original dream to have a full spectrum of care under one roof, including mental health support, acupuncture, massage, and to have satellite offices closer to Seattle. However, we have been a very poor practice from the beginning and all of those dreams were thwarted due to lack of funding.

I will remind you that I will be out of the country for the month of January.  Please make sure you have refills and that you are seen before I leave if you are not doing well.  During the transition month of January, it could be difficult to find the help you need from us. So, we hope to see you in Mount Vernon.

If you still owe on bills to Pacific Rim Headache Center this doesn’t mean you are now off the hook. I will walk away with and incredible debt load from this venture and paying your outstanding bills to Pacific Rim Headache Center would be greatly appreciated.

J. Michael Jones, MPAS-C

Posted by on December 5, 2015.

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