A New, Non-Drug Option for Treating and Preventing Headaches

I have spoken for awhile about the Spring TMS. This is a device that delivers a powerful magnetic impulse to the brain, interrupting the bad signals that are starting a migraine attack. It is FDA approved  to stop a migraine with aura when used at the onset.  However, there is growing evidence that it can work in all migraine types and, when used daily, can prevent migraines from coming.

The overall effectiveness to stopping a migraine is about the same rate as triptan drugs, >60%, however it is a drug-free technology and could work when triptans have failed.

Preliminary data has shown that when it is used daily, the number of days of migraine is reduced by 1/3. For patients, this could be much greater and for some it will be less.

It has taken twenty years to develop the technology of the TMS so the device is not cheap. However, the patient does not have to purchase it, but can lease it. The company is now offering a 40% discount, so the first three months is around $150 per month. This way you can find out if it works.

The other good news is that insurance companies are now considering paying up to 80% of the cost of the device. Each patient should inquire of their own insurance company to know the hard facts.

If you are interested in trying our device or having us prescribe it for you, make an appointment so that we can discuss it.


Mike Jones