June News Updates

I have been out of town and have not posted in the past 10 days. I did have the chance to visit my old stomping grounds at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN last week.

I have reviewed several two journals on headache research this week and did not come away with much to share here. I know that is disappointing. The only relevant study was injection Botox directly into the SPG nerve (behind the nose) does help some cluster headache patients.  More studies need to be done.

One other thing that I think will be important for patients in our area is that all the Puget Sound area headache specialist are coming together tonight in Seattle to form a group for better research and to advocate for our patients. I may have to miss the inaugural meeting because my schedule is over-booked today, because I was gone last week.

I have mentioned this in a previous post, that the Spring TMS (trans cranial magnetic stimulator) is showing promise as a drug-free preventive as well as an abortive. The company has dropped the price for first time users (for the first 90 days) by 40% and some insurances are considering covering it up to 80%. So you could end up paying just $30-50 per month to lease the device. I am a little surprised that few have ordered the device, despite me writing out several prescriptions for it. I don’t if it is the cost that is scaring people away or something else.

J. Michael Jones, MPAS-C