Can Daith Piercings Stop Migraines

Suddenly one day, about a year ago, patients started to come in saying they had ┬áheard about a new ear piercing that cures migraines. It was all over Facebook and even (from what I’ve heard) Dr. Oz talked about it. I will once again remind people that Dr. Oz is a medical/health-entertainer, not a headache specialists. When I have heard him talk about headaches, he was using ideas we had in the 1970s or 1980s and knew nothing about the last twenty years of research.

I will first have to say that most of the good treatments we have were discovered by patients or at least reported by them. Examples include; 1) the hypertensive patients who went on beta blockers in the late 1970s and noticed that their headaches had disappeared, 2) Botox is another, more recent (1990s) example of that type of patient discovery. So, when patients report something unorthodox has worked for them, we shouldn’t dismiss it but listen to them.

At the same time there has been a constant flow of “headache cures” in the media and social settings since the beginning of time. Magic water, supplements, magnets, copper brackets and the list could go on and on. Most of these are being pushed by someone hoping to make a buck. However, once studied objectively, most of these do not help. So, at this juncture I will simply say that the Daith Piercing has not been studied so we don’t know if it works.

I now have seen three patients in the last two weeks who got the Daith piercing. Not only did it not work to prevent their headaches, one had a horrible ear infection afterwards and one developed severe ear pain (her headaches did not cause ear pain before).

So, if you want to do your own experiment, you have the prerogative to do just that. However, there are risks to it.

If you are someone who has had positive (or negative) results, please feel free to tell your story under the comments section. If you are a piercer who wants to promote your treatment, please do not use the comments section to promote your business.