Headache Information Web Sites

Web Sites for Headache Information [1]


Migraine Action Association (MAA)
Sponsored by the British Department of Health, the MAA and its web site provide very good information and support group training.

Migraine 4 Kids
Sponsored by the MAA in the UK, this site is directed at children and can be very helpful for younger age groups.

National Headache Foundation (NHF)
The NHF provides headache information for patients and families of patients with headaches.

National Migraine Association (NMA; aka Migraine Awareness Group – MAGNUM)
The NMA’s site contains information, publications, news, etc., and is a popular one with patients and families.

Organization for the Understanding of Cluster Headache (OUCH)
The OUCH web site (and all of its affiliate OUCH sites around the world) are clearly the best sites devoted to cluster headache. Professional as well as patient-oriented material is available on this site.


American Headache Society (AHS)
The AHS is the premier Headache organization in the United States and, arguably, in the world. This site is extensive and provides information for professionals and patients. Articles from Headache as well as news items about headache and many valuable educational and many other tools are available. Soon this site plans to offer the opportunity to attend AHS conferences and symposia on line.

The International Headache Society (IHS)
The IHS site offers the complete International Classification of Headache Disorders in its most recently updated version as well as slides for presenting the International Classification of Headache Disorders. Information about headache medicine and conferences in the field are available as well.

British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH)
The BASH is the British affiliate organization of IHS and the site is a very useful one with a good selection of information and news.

European Headache Federation (EHF)
The EHF publishes a very good journal – The Journal of Headache and Pain, and organizes a biennial European Headache Congress.The site contains, among other things, information about the EHF’s “Headache Summer School.”

World Headache Alliance (WHA)
TheWHA’s site is excellent with information and news in the world of headache.WHA aims to serve as a connection between many international sites and is a good hub to use to find and explore other sites around the world devoted to headache medicine.

Headache Cooperative of New England (HCNE)
The HCNE site contains a number of articles, all of their recent newsletters and information about conferences sponsored by HCNE as well as other headache organizations.

The Migraine Trust
This is another excellent site filled with good information and resources, including opportunities for research funding. The biennial International Migraine Symposium is a major function of the Trust as is its support of research.

[1] This information was taken from the Headache Journal with minimal editing to fit the space from:

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