J. Michael Jones, MPAS-C

J. Michael Jones, MPAS-C has over 30 years of experience in medical practice, most of that time being focused on caring for headache patients.

He graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1977 with a BS degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology. While preparing for PA school, he worked at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky and The University of Kentucky Medical Center. He graduated from the Clinical Associate (PA) Program from the University of Kentucky in 1981. He received his masters degree in PA studies with an emphasis in neurology in 2008 from the Univeristy of Nebraska.

He spent the first five years of his career being trained by Dr. Joel Saper, M.D., who is still considered to be one of– if not the–world’s top headache specialists and creator of the first inpatient treatment program. Dr. Saper is the only recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Headache Medicine.  During Michael’s first three years with Dr. Saper, they were the only two providers in the clinic and Michael received invaluable one on one training in headache from one of best in the world. He has achieved a board certification in Additional Qualification in Headache Medicine through the National Headache Foundation. Michael is the founder of the Pacific Rim Headache Center.

Prior to coming to western Washington, Mike was a headache specialist with Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN for 5 1/2 years. He was the only practitioner within Mayo’s department of Neurology who was completely devoted to headache disorders. There, he saw patients from around the world suffering from the most complex headache and facial pain disorders. If you have any question about trusting your care to a PA-headache specialist read more here.

For the past 8 years, he was the headache specialist with Cascade Neurologic Clinic in Mount Vernon. He has published more than 30 articles and two books and has lectured nationally and internationally on headache disorders.

As well as working nationally, Mike has also worked all over the world; including in places such as Cairo, Nepal, and Pakistan. Not only has Mike travelled to give medical care to people in these countries, he also lived in Cairo for two years with his family and completed a degree in Intensive Arabic Studies at the American University in Cairo. The common denominator for his work overseas and with headache sufferers is a compassion for those who suffer and who are often neglected.

Mike is a devoted and compassionate provider who believes that patients and good medicine come first. In setting up this clinic, it was his goal to make it patient centered with exemplary care.

He currently resides in Anacortes and has for some time. His wife Denise is Chief Nursing Director at Island Hospital. In their 33 years of marriage, they have raised 5 children; four boys and one girl, one of whom was born in Cairo. When Mike is not at the office or with his family, he enjoys sea kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, restoring his old Land Rover Series III, carpentry, studying history, philosophy and adventure travelling.