How was my life changed after coming to see Dr. Moren and his staff in Bellingham? Here is my testimony:

I’m a relatively healthy 21 year old, graduate, and professional full time banker. I love Bellingham, have been here all my life, and love our beautiful city especially in the summer time.

I have suffered from daily painful headaches that would come and leave in packs, that would attack me for days at a time over the period of the last 10 years. I thought and was told it was part of puberty and that I would eventually grow out of them. So, I tried my best to live throughout my teenage years suffering, and always having to pack around a travel size of Tylenol, etc.. and drinking caffeine in hopes to take the edge off so I could be a normal young adult. I knew things were getting worse, when I cancelled on my senior prom date, and that is when I first realized, that I have not only chronic headaches, but migraines as well, and my very first migraine left me completely paralyzed, subjected to a dark room, and a cool cloth over my aching eyes to try to subside the pain. Nothing helped, and four days later, I finally broke free of the attack. I knew things were getting worse.

I saw my primary care physician in early 2013 only to be referred to a, “new place in town that’s suppose to be pretty awesome at killing headaches.” so my first  thought was, FINALLY!!  And Kaaren called me as soon as she received my referral in a very timely matter.

I came into my first appointment with Dr. James Moren, and could not have been treated any better by his staff and himself! Dr. Moren really is a great man and a physician  there’s nothing more to it! I love that he is always happy to answer all of my questions, and hears what I am really saying. Dr. Moren properly diagnosed me, with Chronic Cluster headaches and Migraine with Aura. After so many complaints to my primary care doctor over the years, I did not get any relief at all and it really seemed as if he was guessing most of the time… With Dr. Moren, It took some time to get a proper treatment plan, as he knows I have anxiety about taking too many medications, but he assured me of how they work together in a safe way to prevent attacks before they even happen! I knew I was getting top of the line treatment when he told me information he had learned from his last conference he attended, I am so impressed with the open line of communication between Dr. Moren, and the staff. He even introduced me to PA Jones while he was free one day, and I felt like he cared about my well being so much that he wanted Dr. Jones to meet me in case he  wasn’t in the office if I ever needed immediate attention. I cannot express how happy I am to not go to bed each night wondering if I will be paralyzed the next week with a migraine. I still do get painful headaches, but close to no migraines at all, and my cluster headaches have greatly reduced, with my prevention care. I thank God everyday, for stepping in and bringing me to Pacific Rim Headache center. I am confident that if you are suffering from headaches or migraines, or any head discomfort of any kind, the doctors can more than likely figure out exactly what is going on, and properly diagnose you, and will be happy for you to partner up with them, in your journey of relief of head pain. 

A Huge THANK YOU to everyone at Pacific Rim for making my life more manageable! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 Samantha- Bellingham


I am a 62 year old female and have suffered with with severe migraines since I was 8 years old. I have lived in Seattle, WA East side for over 40years….origin Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

 When I married and moved to Seattle, WA I searched desperately for a neurologist, acupuncture, hypnosis, Yoga……many, many medications…so many I can’t even remember them all.  You name it I have tried it.  I have literally gone to every major migraine specialist in the Seattle area.

 I attended a headache seminar about 7 months ago.  It just so happened I had the privilege to sit beside a lady who was attending the seminar whom worked for Michael Jones she had come down to Seattle from Anacortes, Wa.  She stood up and introduced herself.  We began to talk and I questioned her about Michael Jones and their clinic.  Kaaren told me that he had worked at the Mayo Clinic, of which I was quite impressed. I have always heard such wonderful things about the Clinic.

 I decided to call and make an appointment, since I had no luck with anyone in the Seattle, WA area. They have two offices one in Anacortes, WA. and the other in Bellingham . . . believe me the drive was well worth the outcome.

 I talked to Michael Jones for well over a hour…no rush, listened patiently to my stories…the long and the short of it all is he has put me on a medication that is a very old drug and WORKS, I have been almost migraine free for the past 6 mos…..I feel like I have my life back…

 I thank you Mr. Jones, and Kaaren for all the help they have given me…the drive is well worth the outcome.

Michael Jones is a wonderful person, and actually listens….thank you….

Sincerely Trish



Thoughts from UW Headache Clinic

Please click on the above link to view UW letter from Dr. Sylvia Lucas.

“J. Michael Jones,

A heartfelt thank you for your concern and assistance with my health problem; when I saw you in June you took the time to listen to me. Because of that you arranged for a consult with different kind of specialist, which confirmed your suspicion of TA (temporal arteritis). Then Kaaren fast tracked my appointment to see him so we could to move forward with treatment. He told me that I was fortunate that you picked up this condition as early as you did. You and Mrs. Flint make a great team. Thank you again!”

This is from a female patient of ours who wished to remain anonymous

“I was first referred to Mike Jones I was twelve year old and was in the midst of a three month long migraine. Our family doctor was to say the least, completely frustrated and at a loss when it came to my migraines. Finally, it was Children’s hospital that sent me to see Mike Jones My first appointment with him was spent in the room with the lights off and him quietly asking me and my mom questions.

We spent much of that first appointment talking about how I’d been having migraines since I was five and how my recent head injury had finally exasperated my migraines enough to prolong them from weeks into months. We spent that first appointment going over many treatment options, both conventional and alternative. He was knowledgeable regrading all of treatments and was willing to help us find out how we could and would treat me. It took a while for us to find the right treatment for me through the last five years, but Mike Jones has offered many alternative solutions to help reduce my chronic daily migraines.

Ultimately we found a combination of medication that works for me and I have been migraine free for almost a year now and I am glad that I finally am able to live a relatively normal life. I went from migraining three weeks a month or more, to almost a year with out migraines.

My entire family is treated by Mike Jones since we all suffer from the disease, but I have been by far the hardest to treat. Mike never gave up on helping me find a treatment that worked.

My name is Mackenzie, I’m seventeen and have been migraine free for a year thanks to Mike Jones and his perseverance in helping treat my migraines. I know that I will have migraines my entire life, but with Mike’s help managing my migraines; I know that my entire life won’t be defined by my migraines. Before, it was always worrying about when the next migraine will hit; now my life doesn’t revolve around headaches. I can actually live my life without constant pain.”


“If you are suffering from headaches that are negatively effecting your life, it is time to see the providers at the Pacific Rim Headache Center. As a migraine suffer for over twenty years, it has been a very rough road. If the headaches were not bad enough; finding a provider who could correctly diagnose and effectively treat the headaches, was an equally detrimental task. Fortunately, I finally found the providers at PRHC. They truly understand what the headache patient is suffering through. Pacific Rim Headache Center helps you to finally get relief and to improve your quality of life. They do this by being knowledgeable about the most effective and latest treatments for headaches. The providers are compassionate and really listen to what you have to say. They take a team approach, with multidiscipline professionals on staff. Please, you owe it to yourself, make an appointment today!”

This is from a male patient of ours who wished to remain anonymous 

“You all are amazing! And I cannot thank you enough for everything you do!”

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