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Curbside Consult-Getting an Evaluation by a Board Certified Headache Specialist without Leaving Your Home

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The sufferers of headache and face pain disorders are some of the most under served patients in the world. While headache disorders cause more disability than all other neurological conditions combined, most of the world, even in modernized countries, don’t have access to a single headache specialist.

Pacific Rim Headache Center has been serving the entire Pacific Northwest for five years.  We see how far patients are willing to travel to find good care.  We wanted to reach those patients who don’t have time for an office visit, or live far away and cannot make the trip, including those who live in other parts of the country or the world.

A detailed history gives us more than 95% of the information that we need to make an accurate headache or face pain diagnosis, and to created a safe, effective and tailor-made treatment plan for that individual.  The remaining 3-5% is the face to face observation and hands on neurological and headache exams.  We have created a complex, logic-driven headache and/or face pain history survey that you can fill out online that gives us the comprehensive history we need to determine the diagnosis and create a treatment plan.

How this Works

If you agree to doing the Curbside Consult, you will click the pay button at the bottom of this page. A secure payment processing company will then take your payment for $165.00 (USD). When the payment is complete, you will be taken to the introduction of the medical history gathering tool. It is a comprehensive survey and it will take thirty minutes to an hour to complete. You should have as much information on hand as possible about prior treatments and tests. You can start the survey, bookmark it, and come back and complete it later. We then receive that information and personally review it, just as we review the history of patients in our office. The review is not done by a computer but personally by a board certified headache specialist. We then make an accurate diagnosis of the disorder based on the standards of the International Headache Society’s Classification of Headache and Face Pain Disorders (called the ICHD III beta).  This is not a cook-book simple task, but we put much thought into this, drawing from our decades of work in treating headache patients.

Once that diagnosis is made, we then create a packet for you with a methodical plan for testing and treatment. This packet will include:

  1. Your specific diagnosis and an explanation of the cause,
  2. Recommended tests,
  3. Non-pharmacological prevention measures,
  4. Pharmacological prevention measures,
  5. Non-pharmacological abortives (treatments for the specific attacks),
  6. Pharmacological abortives,
  7. Rescue medications,
  8. Supporting studies and articles about your disorder and treatment plan,
  9. Handouts about different aspects of your disorder and treatment plan.

This plan will be tailor-made to your particular situation.  We often make a “plan B” recommendation if the first treatment doesn’t work.

We will not implement these treatments or order the tests.  While over 95% of the diagnosis is made by history, a detailed, hands-on exam is still required before we can assume the responsibility of caring for you. You will not be considered our patient until we have seen you in person.


You have two options for following up on our plan. The first option is to take our material with you and make an appointment with your personal medical provider. Discuss our recommendations with that provider who knows you well and can have hands-on treatments. Most providers welcome recommendations for patients  with hard to treat headache and face pain problems.

The second option is coming to see us at either our Anacortes, Bellingham or Mount Vernon offices. We would have to see you face to face to consider you as our patient and to implement the treatments ourselves. We do offer virtual online visits for follow up visits. However, most insurance companies in the US at this time don’t pay for those. If you do decide to come and see us, we can credit the cost of this Curbside Consult to your account.

The Guarantee

We are so confident in our diagnosis and treatment, that if you ever see a board certified headache specialist in person (a specialist as determined by either the United Council of Neurologic Sub specialties or the National Headache Foundation Certification in Additional Qualifications in Headache Medicine) and that specialist has a very different diagnosis and care plan, we will refund the money for this Curbside Consult. That board certified specialist must submit in writing their credentials, their diagnosis, and it differs from ours.

If you will like to participate in the Virtual Headache Consult, follow this link:

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