What We Don’t Treat

We don’t treat illnesses besides what is mentioned under “What We Treat,” unless it is a pain problem of the head or neck that we have over-looked in our previous description.

The one area that we don’t want to be confused with and that is a “Pain Clinic.”  The typical pain clinic is designed to control pain, primary, with daily narcotics.  It is the opinion of the entire headache treatment world that daily narcotics are a poor way to treat headaches.  There are a few patients for whom nothing has worked and daily narcotics is the path they want to take. But we are not that type of clinic. If a patient wants to come and see us ONLY to get narcotics, then we are the wrong place for them to be and it creates a frustration for the patient and us.

Headache disorders is a classification of treatable diseases, therefore we focus on treating the underlying causes.  For a diabetes, for example, you wouldn’t just put the patient on pain pills to cover the destruction of their organs due to their disease and not try to treat the cause.

There are also regulatory provisions that prevent us from prescribing daily narcotics, even if we wanted to. The state of Washington has clear “Pain Clinic” laws that govern those clinics. We are not such a clinic so we are not under those rules. However, if we attempted to put patients on daily narcotics, then it would totally change the status of our clinic and we would have to follow those complex rules.

So, if you are only looking for a provider to prescribe pain pills for your headaches, and you are not interested it treating the cause and getting better, then we are not the right clinic for you.